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Livni Winery

The Winery

The family winery is located at Moshav Carmel, a 15-minute drive from the vineyards. The wine receives special attention from the time the grapes are grown until bottling. The grapes are hand-picked and are separated and fermented within four hours. The wine is mostly produced by hand and care is taken to use natural processes. It is aged 12–14 months in French and American wooden barrels, bottled, and kept in cooled air until available for purchase. The bold purple wine tends to turn black. An intoxicating fruity aroma with blueberry and cherry scents, full-bodied, natural and balanced acidity, and long-term aging ability.

The Winemaker

Bruno Darmon—acquired winemaking experience in France. Assistant winemaker and laboratory manager at Efrat Winery for two years. Winemaker and manager of production floor at Yattir Winery for seven years.

It is the custom of professional winemakers to chew on a grape seed and determine from it when the grapes should be picked and how good the wine produced from them will be. Quality is embedded in the seed and the roots. On the basis of this test, the Livni family’s wines are truly outstanding. They are “wines that have roots”—they get their unique flavor from the ancient roots of the original wines of the Land of Israel, which were known throughout the ancient world as the very finest.

The result: superb gourmet wines