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Basic Principles in Planting a Vineyard

Eran Harkabi, national instructor for wine vines. To download the full presentation including professional tips on how to build a trellis for your vineyard, press here.


- Plant the rows of vines in a direction that will give both sides the same amount of sunshine.

- Irrigate the planting area a day before planting.

- Prepare the sprigs the day before in a shaded and cool place.

- Start planting as early in the morning as possible.

- Mark the location of the pits on the plastic sheeting and, again, make sure to plant the vines in a straight row!

- Make sure the water system is working when you plant the sprigs! (Plant them into mud…).

- Irrigate the area after planting. It’s important to consult with a qualified instructor.


Have you decided which wine you’d like to produce? Study the market, assess your abilities, and choose the type of grape you’d like to grow.