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Wine Tasting - How Is It Done?
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Join the Customer Club

By joining the Customer Club, you’ll get the following benefits:

-  information about our wines and special offers;
- a 5% discount on any wine you buy;
- information about tours, harvest days, and picking cherries with the family;
- free tasting of new wines;
- monthly content updates—wines and wine in the Jewish sources;
- 5% discount on personalized labels;
- Grape-picking as a family, with family photographs at a special price.

Is there anything you must do to join the customer club? Only one thing: buy two cases of wine (12 bottles).

Personalized Labels

Order Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 with a label that you design yourself. For details and price quote, email us.

Wine Tasting

You can order a sample of Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 for tasting. It’ll be mailed to you in a specially packed 250 ml bottle. Available in Israel only.

Price: ILS 29.99 per 250 ml bottle, including VAT and S&H.